Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OLE ole ole ole AZUL AZUL

That is right people... I skipped class and went to a fútbol game!!! It was so much fun! Do be honest, I have forgotten what I did before that though. I do remember that I went with Hope and Rachel and ate pizza al El maná. It was really thick and cheesy, which was a very nice surprise! All of the days are bleeding together. Anyway, now to the good stuff. There were 9 students and Hope's dad, and we all met at their house to get on the bus for Cartago. It is usually about 45 minutes away but took us close to an hour because of traffic. We all pretty much had to sit by ourselves on the way over, but it was some nice alone time. I got so tired on the bus, but would soon be very awake!

We got off the bus, walked to the stadium, and bought our tickets. All of our parents told us that it is colder in Cartago, but none of us really believed them because they always say that things are cold when they are not. WRONG!!! It was probably close to 55 or 60 degrees and it was misty. The weather did not matter though, it was such a blast. We just happened to be sitting right next to the big cheering section for Cartago, so we decided to go for them. I happened to be wearing a blue jacket too, so fate chose the team for us! I love the excitement of the people. I think I am establishing a new found love for soccer. I may or may not see a World Cup in my future :)

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