Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is March already????

So today, I woke up to a downpour, which is pretty unusual. They say that it never rains from January to March. I did not realize it though, but I slept in pretty late, thanks to the rain. I headed to school, and we all had lunch together. It was nice to have everyone back together, a couple of them had been gone on excursions or field trips so lunch was very nice. We got our test scores back, and only 3 people passed the test. Oh yea, one of them was me!! But with his wacky extra credit, we all got 100%? That does not really makes sense to me, but I will take it.

After class I had an awesome workout at the gym, then passed Joey and Hope on the basketball court on the way home. They were about to work out, so I stayed with them for about an hour more. I am really glad that I ran into them. I know I will be pretty sore tomorrow, but I am glad that we all got to do it together!! 

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