Monday, March 21, 2011


Today we had a field trip for Peace and democracy. It really did not have anything to do with either of thoes but it was sO MUCH FUN! We went to a coffee rpocessign plant and got to see the whole process from delivery from the farmers to bagging it and shipping it all over the world. They mainly ship to Europe and sell to starbucks in the US too. It was so interesting. The best part, was the silos. They had thousands of pounds of coffee stored in them, and he let us crawl in one and play in the coffee. It still needs to be roasted, so we did nto dirty it up to much! We would crawl up the ladder and jump into it! I felt like a little kid playing in Mc Donalds, except now I am a grown up playing in coffee. We asked him if we played in starbuck's coffee and his eyes got really big and he said NO NO NO!!! haah

After he took us coffee tasting. The kind where you suck it in really loud swish it around, then spit it out. I learned soooo much about coffee. I feel like drinking a cup of coffee now, I will have a new appreciation. He showed us how to test for quality too. He even compared their coffee to a Costa Rican brand to show how bad it was, in the stores here. I drank so much coffee today though...... mom and dad, you proud??

After that, I had to meet up with my partner for my paper, to finish it up. I am still working on it though, and can not wait for it to be through!!! Back to the paper though, only 4 more day!!!!

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