Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog... I have failed you

I was doing so good, until these past 2 weeks. I can not exactly say why, but I have completely lost the desire to blog any more. I think the end is getting so close, that it is hard to remember and make time for it. My apologies, but here is 3 days condensed into one.

I have been working on some papers lately. One was due Monday, but my internet was not working very well, so I just told my teacher that I would give it to him Wednesday. PURA VIDA! Our bible study was on worldliness, a topic that always needs to be revisited. It was a great study, and well fitting because we all talked about what Costa Rica has meant to us and what we have learned form it. Because the culture is so different from back home, it is easy to see how we are so time hungry and have everything that we want back home. I feel like I will have some SERIOUS spring cleaning once I return, and I feel that my time here has made me enjoy and appreciate my time more, even if we are doing nothing or people are late. We get so caught up in our little world, that we usually forget the BIG PICTURE, to make much of Christ and serve him for HIS glory. It was a great way to wrap up.

Tuesday we got to meet Rachel's boyfriend Josh, he came down to visit her. It was nice to meet him, and it felt so weird to meet him after hearing about him. Tuesday night, one of my roommate's friend came to visit her form the states too, and she made dinner for us. It was great, with mashed potatoes. Even though there are potatoes here and yuca, hers was just so much better! I think it was the butter. There was about 6 of us at the table, and Cecilia came back for seconds. Chantal asked her if she liked it but Cecilia said no. We all looked very confused and asked why, they she proceeded to tell us that it was a joke, and tried to explain it to us. I found it so funny that after all of the time here, non of us could pick up her sarcasm in a different language. It was the simplest of jokes, but went right over our heads.

Wednesday compromised of more paper writing. We went to my art teachers studio for a model drawing, and I had my last real peace and democracy class, because we have a field trip next week then our final. It is so crazy that it is all coming to an end. Only 9 more days until I am landing in Houston! I feel like it is finally hitting me, and I am becoming so anxious to get home and see everyone, and one person in particular!!

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  1. Do not fret about the apparent end of your time in Costa.Rica.
    You will take your experiences, relatiomships and skills with you. You will also leave rich memories of you with your new friends.
    The jouney.continues
    love dad