Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wow, this morning came early. We all met at school at 7:15, then headed to the Coca-Cola bus station to catch the bus to Jacó beach. My mom told me as I was leaving, that the road was closed today, and that instead of taking 2 hours go get there, is was going to take 4!!!!!! I told everyone to braces themselves, but luckily she was wrong! Everyone was pretty tired on the bus ride over. I got to finally sit with Hope again, my bus buddy!

Once we got to Jacó, we hung out on the beach. We have heard mixed reviews about Jacó before the trip though. Some said it was dirty and nasty and everyone else said it was nice. I would have to agree, it was the perfect day trip. Once again, so beautiful! We ate lunch at this coo restaurant where you sat around a bar and the seats were swings. Made you feel like a little kid. I had a fruit dish and potatoe wedges, and the plate came with a whole side of papaya. I braved up (is that a word?) and tried it one more time, and to my surprise, it was decent. I ate all of the papaya and felt pretty proud of myself. But I will never pick papaya over the pin apple here! 

After hanging out at the beach more, we all went and got smoothies, then headed back on the bus. there was this huge horse parade in the street though, so we just had to sit in the bus and wait for about 40 minutes. 

And.... I jsut got home to some great news that I will be going to Ecuador at the end of March with my church!!! It all happened really quick, but I am so thankful and excited. I actually was thinking about the trip a lot, even before my mom told me about it, and how useful I would feel. I know that many if not most of them do not really speak Spanish, so I can probably help translate. Even though I am already in a Spanish speaking country and studying Spanish, this has motivated me even more to learn more! I am so excited to serve and take our Christian purpose, once again, to a global level. 

And on a selfish note, I am pretty excited to meet the people there and learn a bit about their culture. 10 days will feel so short compared to three weeks though! 

Playa Jacó

Swingin' and eattin' 

Horse Parade paseo de caballos

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