Thursday, March 24, 2011


Who is officially finished with school???????? Kelsey!! Three A's in my electives, at least I am pretty sure. I am still waiting on Peace and Democracy grade but the other 2 of for certain. I got my grade for my paper back, and we got a 100% on it, making my final grade in the class a 100? It was not the same as a 100 back home, btu it still feels good.

Tuesday night we went to the Saprissa fútbol game, which was fun. It was fun and the stadium was really nice. I think we got spoiled though because the last game we went to, there was 7 goals, so it was really exciting. This past game, there was only one, but still fun!

Monday night, we wll went to watch Hope's dad play the local soccer game, but the game never happened. Hope came and stayed the night with me too! That girl, she is just to great! I certainly will be missing her very soon!

Tonight, us 4 are about to go out to eat at a international/spanish restaurant. I am excited, but it is pretty much our going away party. They are leaving tomorrow for Nicaragua at noon, so tomorrow, it will jsut be Hope and I. I guess that means that we will be sayign goodbye to them soon! It is going to be so strange, but I feel like 3 months was the perfect amount of time for me. I am surely ready to go home and see family, friends, and Don Esac! (Zack in Spanish, with some formality)! It is getting so close and still does not feel real. I already packed up one bag and will finish up tomorrow. The bus is picking me up from my house at 3:30 in the morning, and luckily, I am sharing the school bus with at least another girl so it will be atleast 10 dollars or cheaper!

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