Sunday, March 20, 2011

... did it again

Sorry, this post is now for thursday, Friday, Saturday. I do not know what has gotten into me!

Both Thursday and Friday, I went to the market to finish up buying things. I can not talk to much about this with all of you reading, but I will say that one man asked me where I was from, then told me that I had such a great accent and sounded like a Tica!!!!! SCORE!!!

Nothing to much happened. Last night we had a huge game of balderdash. It ended up being 10 people, which is WAY to much to have a functional game, but it was still tons of fun!!! Today took the cake though.....

We went to "bull fighting", but in Costa Rica, that is not exactly what it means. There is no fighter and the bulls do not get hurt. they send bulls out, 12 to be exact, into a pin of around 200 people. People proceed to run around and not get mangled by the bulls. I do not understand it. For sure, it was exciting, but people get HURT!!! They say at least one person will die each year. It is such a different culture though, because people bring their whole families to watch, buy concessions, and cheer. Definitely an experience. Ben and Joey decided to run, and of course, one of them would be it. The second bull that came in, seemed pretty passive, for a bull. People were laying down in front if it to taunt it. All of a sudden it bursted, and everyone ran away. It looks like fish swimming away from a disturbance in the water. Since it is on dirtish sand stuff, it is not very good running surface. Ben tried to turn and run, but slipped and fell. I just say a person under the bull, and did not realize that it was him until I got a glimpse of his shorts. Oh my, we were all so scared. The bull came up and head butted him, ran across, them came back on top of him. Needless to say, once the bull started going for someone else, I have never seen Ben run so fast. Another interesting thing is how the Ticos help each other. When someone was getting hit by the bull, they wave flags or throw things at it to distract it, then other men go and pick them up.  IT WAS CRAZY!! At one point, they had 2 full grown bulls in the ring at the same time. I am so tired from watching, time for bed mis gente!!!

You people better be getting your read on, because this time next week, I will be at my house hanging out with family and friends, hopefully eating some great flavorful food too!!! Maybe chips and bean dip??????????????  

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